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CES wins Snowflake Data Driver Award for ANZ 2023

EdgeRed x CES x Snowflake

Congratulations to our client Circular Economy Systems (CES) for winning the prestigious Snowflake award at the August 2023 conference in the 'Data for Good' category. This award recognises CES' impactful work in leveraging data for positive outcomes in recycling and sustainability.

Specialising in Container Deposit Schemes and recycling nearly 10 million containers daily across WA and QLD, CES has solidified its position as a leader in the circular economy. CES continues to expand its influence, recently launching operations in Victoria.

This achievement not only highlights CES's unwavering dedication but also emphasises the collective impact of our collaboration between CES, EdgeRed, and Kada. Kudos to the CES team for this well-deserved accomplishment!

"Amazing work team! James Gouletsas, Dean Nguyen, Tony Imrek, Monica Ly" - Tim Reid (Director of IT, CES)

EdgeRed: CES wins Snowflake Data Driver Award 2023
CES, Container Exchange (COEX) and EdgeRed team

"9Bn containers, hundreds of millions in the hands of the community, and 1 amazing team. Well done James Gouletsas, Tony Imrek and the team at EdgeRed" - Dean Nguyen (Co-Founder, Kada)

EdgeRed: CES wins Snowflake Data Driver Award 2023
EdgeRed:James Gouletsas (CES) and Dean Nguyen (Kada) presenting at the Snowflake Conference


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