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EdgeRed & Australian Payments Plus: AI and Data Collaboration

EdgeRed x Australian Payments Plus x Data Futurology

We are thrilled to be partnering with Australian Payment Plus and Data Futurology in the upcoming Advancing AI event.

Join us as we'll be discussing about AI and its ethical practices.

  • Date: 6th - 7th September 2023

  • Location: Sofitel Wentworth Sydney

Australian Payments Plus (AP+) unites Australia's three domestic payment providers - BPAY Group, eftpos, and NPP Australia—into a consolidated entity. This integration positions AP+ as a more competitive and coordinated Australian payments organisation, ready to navigate the challenges of regulatory and technological changes both now and in the future. EdgeRed is a trusted partner, providing advanced customer analytics, centralising data models on Snowflake, developing machine learning models, and delivering impactful visualisation and reporting across the organisation including C-Suite executives.


About the session: Enabling growth with AI and unveiling the essential blueprint for ethical scaling.

Discover the essential elements fueling AI-driven growth and transformation in a responsible and strategic manner. Learn how to harness the building blocks to scale AI and drive real-world AI applications. This session showcases the collaboration between EdgeRed and Australian Payments Plus providing actionable strategies on the path to growth that revolves around harnessing AI for positive change. Embark on a journey of strategic insights and real-world applications that prioritise consumers.

Our Key Speakers

EdgeRed: Monica Ly (Co-Founder)
Monica Ly

Co-founder of EdgeRed

Monica brings over a decade of data analytics and consulting experience to her role as co-founder of EdgeRed. With a focus on translating data insights into actionable outcomes, she has led transformative projects for leading Australian companies and multinational corporations.

EdgeRed: Alex Johnson (Director of Data, AP+)
Alex Johnson

General Manager of Data at Australian Payment Plus

Alex is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in the data, product and marketing landscape, with previous roles at Quantium, NineMSN, and Microsoft. Alex has spearheaded data initiatives in AP+ including centralising data for a unified view, unlocking actionable insights and driving strategic decisions. He has empowered merchant customers with data-driven insights, enhancing their understanding of customers.

Our Host

EdgeRed: Alex Johnson (Director of Data, AP+)
Felipe Flores

Chief Data Analytics & Technology Officer at Honeysuckle Health | Data Futurology Founder & Host

Felipe Flores is a data science senior executive with almost 20 years experience. He has worked across data engineering/warehousing, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is currently the Head of Data Science at Healthcare AI company, Honeysuckle Health.


Recap of the session

EdgeRed: Australian Payments Plus Data AI Collaboration - Conference Presentation
EdgeRed x AP+ Collaborative Presentation

Together, we highlighted the game-changing role of data and analytics in driving meaningful insights for our business. Our conversation touched upon key aspects—like centralising data models, integrating tools such as Snowflake, Power BI, and Kada, and underscoring the ethical dimensions of machine learning and AI, ensuring a responsible approach to innovation.

Summary of the day from Alex Johnson (Director of Data, AP+) here.

"We presented with EdgeRed and we covered everything we've been doing in data and AI over the last 12 months, which covers safe data practices, ensuring that we have a good vision and also the ethical framework and the way that we use that within AP+"
EdgeRed: Data Conference in partnership with AP+

EdgeRed: Gold Partner - Advancing AI Conference
EdgeRed: Proud Gold Sponsors for Data Futurology's Advancing AI

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Felipe & Data Futurology for hosting this fantastic event and providing us with the opportunity to be part of it. Special thanks to Alex for taking the time to co-present our work with AP+.


About EdgeRed

​EdgeRed is an Australian data science consulting services company. We draw value and insights through data science and artificial intelligence to help companies make faster and smarter decisions.

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