We are a team of experts experienced in harnessing the power of data to drive innovative outcomes for our clients

Whether you're looking to implement a long term data strategy or achieve shorter tactical wins, we can help you execute your vision swiftly and succinctly. See results and progress instantly and start making data driven decisions for your business. 

Our Capabilities

Our team is highly skilled in a number of data and analytics software, which means we are not limited by technology and will use the right tool for the job. Our competencies include R, Python, SQL, SAS, Tableau, PowerBI, Excel/VBA, Alteryx and Amazon Web Services!

Translate complex analysis into digestible, value-add insights.

Deliverables can be in the form of effective PowerPoint presentations or data visualisation dashboards. We can also help you present results or run effective workshops with key business stakeholders to drive data initiative and encourage engagement across teams. 

Data Management

We are a strong believer that any insights from your data is only as good as the data itself. Let us dive into your data to help you explore, assess and enrich your data assets.

Data deep dives - helping you understand current state and what is required to reach your desired future state

Data matching and linking - enrich your existing data assets or produce a single customer view

Data governance framework - ensure your data adheres to internal policies as well as legislation

ETL processes - set up process to extract, transform and load your data into a centralised location (using Python, R, Alteryx or SSIS)

Advanced Analytics

We have worked with some of Australia's largest datasets, including banking data and customer loyalty programs to deliver actionable insights

Data visualisation - produce effective dashboards using standard softwares such as Tableau & PowerBI or customised using Python or R

Predictive modelling - use past data to build propensity models or predict future behaviour

Machine learning - utilise techniques such as random forest, clustering and decision trees

Text mining - extract useful information from unstructured data such as feedback forms, call centre notes

Operational Excellence

We can also help you build new innovative solutions to automate and streamline existing BAU processes

ETL automation - set up automated ETL processes, connect to API and extract data on a regular basis

Robotic process automation (RPA) - automate repetitive, mundane and time consuming work

Customised app - build an app tailored specifically to your needs, such as project management tools, pdf document generation



Howard, Monica, Wil and the team are up there with the best consultants I've engaged.


Their pitch and subsequent approach was always solving our challenges through the lens of an internal team member, backed up with the expertise and flexibility to evolve the strategy and execution as we discovered more data sources and more demands for data insights.

Jon Tidd 

Group CFO, Superloop

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