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Elevating Decision-Making: A Success Story with CES and EdgeRed

EdgeRed x CES (Circular Economy Systems) x Container Exchange Services

In the dynamic landscape of data utilisation, EdgeRed embarked on a transformative journey with Circular Economy Systems (CES) to revamp their data architecture. The goal? To empower CES with sharper insights for informed decision-making while enhancing their reporting capabilities.

1. Context and Background

EdgeRed's collaboration with CES aimed to modernise their data infrastructure, fostering advanced reporting and strategic decision-making. Key initiatives included uplifting existing reports, developing a centralised data model, implementing an end-to-end data pipeline, as well as applying advanced analytics.

2. Introduction to CES

CES operates an innovative container refund scheme aimed at reducing environmental impact by encouraging recycling. With partnerships in QLD (Container Exchange), WA (WARRRL) and VIC (Vic Return), they manage a network that spans consumers, businesses, and recycling points, playing a crucial role in promoting sustainable practices across Australia.

Their efforts have diverted over 800,000 tonnes of material from landfills and facilitated more than $A1 billion in refunds, showcasing their commitment to environmental stewardship.

3. Tech Stack

The tech partner of choice included Snowflake for cloud data warehousing. Notably, CES's outstanding achievements were recognised with the prestigious Snowflake Award in 2023. Watch the Snowflake video for more information:

Power BI seamlessly served as the reporting platform, delivering dynamic insights crucial for informed decision-making, while Kada provided essential governance and visibility.

4. Approach

EdgeRed adopted a methodical and agile approach with a focus on providing incremental value to the client. Starting with thorough reviews and stakeholder interviews to tailor data models to CES's needs. Recommendations were crafted to incorporate transformed business rules, ensuring alignment with CES's reporting requirements.

5. Business Outcome & Client Testimonial

The new data models resulted in a sea change for CES. Reports that were once cumbersome to access and view could now be accessed with speed and accuracy. This sharpened CES's ability to make astute business decisions and reinforced their commitment to environmental stewardship.

EdgeRed is a cross functional team, bringing with them commercial and technical expertise across analytics, data engineering, visualisation, and consulting. They have worked alongside our data team to deliver a multitude of complex data initiatives which have delivered valuable business impact.

The project's success was recognised by senior execs including Tim Reid, Director of IT at CES, who praised EdgeRed's expertise, highlighting the transition to a high-performing, low-maintenance reporting platform.

We had over 100+ reports which were high maintenance, poor performance with low usage. Using Snowflake, dbt, Power BI and, EdgeRed successfully transitioned us to a high performing, low maintenance reporting platform. This has increased dashboard adoption and engagement across the business, driving more data driven decisions. We look forward to our continued engagement with EdgeRed.

This case study is a shining example of how EdgeRed's analytical expertise can significantly enhance our clients' data capabilities, leading to measurable business improvements and operational efficiencies.

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