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EdgePreso: A framework for automated reporting

PowerPoint and Google Slides automation with a click of a button. Save hundreds of manual analyst hours every year!

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Implement end-to-end automation using EdgePreso to transform the way your business handles data reporting 

Streamline Your Reporting Process

EdgeRed - EdgePreso - Automated Insights

How does it work?

EdgeRed - EdgePreso - Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Excel, CSV, Outlook

1. Connect to your data

Connect EdgePreso seamlessly to your company's data ecosystem to leverage up-to-date information and existing processes and reports. No rework unless necessary!

2. Create your templates

Customise EdgePreso to suit your business. Define preferred data aggregations and metrics identify crucial metrics, and utilise our template library to tailor insights presentation.

EdgeRed - EdgePreso - PowerPoint & Google Slides Automation

3. Access EdgePreso

Access the user-friendly UI to input parameters and auto-generate slides. Create high quality reports at scale, introduce automated scheduling, and email automation.

EdgeRed - EdgePreso - Automated Insights

Create automated presentations!

Wave goodbye to countless hours spent manually updating data for your presentation packs. Generate multiple presentations with just one click and access up-to-date information instantly.


This macro frees up time for us to actually analyse the insights. 

It saves weeks of effort required to pull and present information into a succinct, consistent and visually appealing manner. 

Additionally, the quality and accuracy has improved as it’s all automated (and not prone to human error).

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