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Data Visualisation Consulting Services

 We craft intuitive and interactive dashboards that communicate complex data simply, enabling stakeholders to grasp key insights at a glance and make informed decisions. Whether you prefer Tableau, Power BI, Looker Studio, or other tools, our expertise is at your service.

What does this involve?

Data visualisation and analysis, edgered

See live examples

Explore Lookalike Postcodes Across Australia with Our Interactive Website


Explore Our Census 2021 Interactive Dashboard on Google Looker


Choosing the Right Data Visualisation Tool: Power BI, Tableau, or Google Looker?

At EdgeRed, we've leveraged the strengths of Power BI, Tableau, and Google Looker to serve our clients' unique needs. Explore which tool is the right for your business in our blog.

Clients we have worked with

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