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EdgePreso: Revolutionising Data Insights with Automated Reporting

EdgeRed x PowerPoint x Google Slides

In the dynamic realm of data analytics, EdgeRed proudly introduces EdgePreso, a groundbreaking solution engineered to tackle the prevalent challenges faced by data analysts: the time-consuming and repetitive process of manual report generation.

Addressing the Challenge

Picture this scenario: analysts supporting diverse business units, tasked with producing a myriad of reports to distill insights from complex data sets. This not only proves to be a repetitive and mundane activity but also becomes a substantial roadblock to dedicating quality time to interpreting data and making insightful decisions.

Currently, preparing a single slide takes days, breeding frustration and inefficiency. Human errors are an ever-looming threat in the copy-paste labyrinth, impacting the reliability of insights. Furthermore, analysts often find themselves stuck in the 90-10 dilemma - spending 90% of their time wrangling data and charts and only 10% in the realm of meaningful insights and interpretation.

The EdgePreso Advantage

EdgeRed - EdgePreso - PowerPoint & Google Slides Automation
EdgeRed: EdgePreso Overview

User-friendly Interface

Enter EdgePreso - a user-friendly interface where analysts effortlessly input parameters, triggering the magic that automates Google Slide or PowerPoint creation with dynamic charts and tables. Access our collection of pre-built or custom slide templates to craft visually stunning presentations and elevate your content.

Rebalancing an Analyst's Role

EdgePreso isn't just an automation tool; it's a game-changer in reshaping the analyst's role. By streamlining the tedious tasks, it liberates analysts to concentrate on what truly matters - interpreting trends and offering actionable insights. Say goodbye to the days of laborious manual data extraction and presentation crafting.

Direct Data Integration

To keep insights fresh, EdgePreso seamlessly connects to the data source such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake or Excel. This integration ensures that analysts utilises the latest data without the fuss of constant manual updates.

Impressive Retail Adoption: An end-to-end Google Slides automation

The impact of EdgePreso resonates through the corridors of our retail client, where four distinct business units seamlessly embraced the tool into their workflows. This retail giant astoundingly ran 500 reports, translating into a staggering 72,000 slides, over the past 12 months.

A Senior Strategy Manager shared insights, noting:

"EdgePreso frees up time for us to dive into the analysis. It slashes weeks of effort previously spent on pulling and presenting information, ensuring a concise, consistent, and visually appealing outcome. The automation not only saves time but significantly enhances quality and accuracy."

EdgePreso: Elevating Data Reporting

More than just a product, EdgePreso is a transformative force in the realm of data reporting. By automating the tedious aspects of report generation, it empowers analysts to focus on the core - interpreting insights and steering businesses toward success.

With EdgePreso, EdgeRed maintains its commitment to revolutionizing data analytics, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and precision. Find out more about EdgePreso.


About EdgeRed

EdgeRed is an Australian boutique consultancy specialising in data and analytics. We draw value and insights through data science and artificial intelligence to help companies make faster and smarter decisions.

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