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Empowering Woolworths Metro with Advanced Analytics

EdgeRed x Woolworths Metro

1. Context and Background

In a collaboration with Woolworths, one of Australia's leading supermarket chains, EdgeRed was engaged to enhance the analytics capabilities within the Metro team.

Focused on urban customers and smaller store formats, Woolworths Metro aimed to optimise operational and financial efficiency through data analytics. EdgeRed's task was to conduct analysis and develop analytical tools and dashboards which could be used to streamline operations and support strategic decision-making across the Metro division.

2. Introduction to Woolworths Metro

Woolworths Metro is a subdivision of the Woolworths Group catering to city dwellers with convenient, high-quality food options tailored for urban living. The Metro team's commitment to efficiency and customer service drives their need for sophisticated data solutions.

3. Tech Stack

Our tech stack for the Metro team included a combination of Google BigQuery for handling large-scale data warehousing, Google Apps Script for task automation within the Google ecosystem, and a suite of visualisation tools like Tableau to bring insights to life.

4. Approach

We began by consolidating diverse data sources into a coherent framework, enabling a consistent and accurate view across Metro's operations. This involved creating ETL processes to refine and funnel data into Google BigQuery. Subsequently, we developed custom tools in Google Apps Scripts and dashboards in Tableau to provide the team with dynamic, user-friendly tools for financial and operational monitoring.

5. Business Outcome & Client Testimonial

The transformation in the Metro team's analytical capabilities was positively received. The new suite of tools delivered a streamlined experience for financial planning and operational insight.

Insights from product ranging analysis, customer behavior, and store clustering led to improved resource allocation, better promotion strategies, and a more strategic approach to overall store management. With faster, more informed decisions, Woolworths reaffirmed its position as a leader in the competitive retail space.

Stuart Reekie, Merchandise Manager at Woolworths, commended EdgeRed for unlocking significant insights to support category performance.

EdgeRed brought an exceptional level of both analytical and commercial skill sets to Woolworths Metro. They were able to help our team unlock significant new insights to support our category performance, and helped set us up for success for the next 12 months. The team here would highly recommend them for any analytical or commercial projects in the retail space.

This case study exemplifies EdgeRed's expertise in harnessing data analytics to drive strategic business outcomes and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions to our clients' specific needs.

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