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Navigating Complex Data Landscapes for Superloop

EdgeRed x Superloop x Jon Tidd

1. Context and Background

EdgeRed's engagement with Superloop delved into the intricate world of financial consolidation. Superloop, after a series of mergers and acquisitions, found itself grappling with a complex financial reporting system stemming different business entities, each operating on their own financial systems. The challenge was not only to reconcile accounting and transactional data but also to provide clarity on the underperformance of various business segments.

2. Introduction to Superloop

Superloop is a leading independent provider of connectivity services, with a presence across the Asia Pacific metro region. Known for their expansive network operations, Superloop had reached a pivotal moment of growth marked by their first year of profit in 2018, fuelled by their strategic mergers. However, the resulting business complexity necessitated a sophisticated approach to data analytics and financial reporting.

3. Tech Stack

To address the multifaceted needs of Superloop, we utilised a tech stack that enabled flexibility and comprehensive analysis. This included PostgreSQL for its robust database management capabilities, cloud SQL databases to facilitate scalable data consolidation, and Power BI for its advanced data visualisation tools. Together, these technologies supported a dynamic solution for Superloop's complex financial ecosystem.

4. Approach

Our approach hinged on meticulous data consolidation. By cleaning and integrating over 30 disparate datasets, we crafted a unified source of truth that could be trusted for accuracy and detail. The process involved establishing an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline to ensure seamless data flow and transformation.

We built new reporting dashboards tailored to the client's preferences, affording the CFO and other key stakeholders richer insights into cost drivers and business performance.

5. Business Outcome & Client Testimonial

The collaboration between Superloop and EdgeRed culminated in remarkable business benefits. Our automated system for financial data reporting significantly reduced manual effort, enabling quick analysis through a unified SQL table and a suite of Power BI dashboards.

These tools not only automated functions for the CFO and the finance team but also empowered them with forecasting capabilities for sales. The outcome was a lucid understanding of their myriad business entities and an informed strategy to address their previously opaque underperformance issues.

Jon Tidd, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Superloop, commended EdgeRed's exceptional performance,

Howard, Monica, Wil and the team are up there with the best consultants I've engaged. Their pitch and subsequent approach was always solving our challenges through the lens of an internal team member, backed up with the expertise and flexibility to evolve the strategy and execution as we discovered more data sources and more demands for data insights.

EdgeRed's solution delivered Superloop a competitive edge - enhanced transparency, operational efficiency, and strategic foresight in their financial operations.

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