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Ko-Lab Series 1: A panel discussion on Generative AI in partnership with CBA

EdgeRed x Konnecta x CBA

We are thrilled to be joining Konnecta for their first event of 2024 in partnership with CBA, with EdgeRed and Equal Experts as proud sponsors.

Join us as we'll be discussing Generative AI, including:

  • How to implement generative AI safely and at scale

  • How to create personalised, relevant, and enhanced customer experiences through generative AI

  • How to scale trusted AI to drive growth and productivity

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday 21 March 2024

  • Location: The Foundry (1 Locomotive St, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australia)

Don't miss out on this fantastic event, get your ticket today!

All proceeds will be donated to charity. This time we're supporting The Australian Business & Community Network (ABCN). A charity that brings businesses & schools together to address educational disparity


Our all-star panel

Mark Landry - Data Scientist & Kaggle Grandmaster -

Mark Landry is a Data Scientist at, a Kaggle Grandmaster, and currently leads's Document AI product. Mark blends his background in business intelligence and data warehousing with the latest machine learning approaches in H2O, R, and Python to rapidly understand, frame, and model new problems in competitions and business.

Duhita Khadepau - Senior Manager of Enterprise Data - Cuscal

EdgeRed x Konnecta x CBA

Duhita is a Senior Manager overseeing the Enterprise Data domain at Cuscal. Multiple year IAPA award winner and this year voted as one of the "Top 3" Analytics leaders in Australia.

Ben Hachey - Assoc. Prof clinical informatics & data science - The University of Sydney

EdgeRed x Konnecta x CBA

Ben is an AI practitioner and academic with two decades of experience. He built a 15-person team at Harrison AI, delivering advanced radiology assist tools.

Anna Leontjeve - Chapter Lead AI Labs - CommBank

EdgeRed x Konnecta x CBA

Anna is a Chapter Lead of CommBank’s AI Labs, her team is responsible for researching advanced AI technology and finding safe ways to use it. Anna won the Women in AI award for the finance category for her work building a machine-learning model to tackle the issue of transaction abuse.

Andy Canning - CTO APAC - Equal Experts

EdgeRed x Konnecta x CBA

With a technology career that spans the globe, Andy has been at the forefront of innovation and is on a mission to revolutionise the business landscape through the transformative power of AI. His visionary approach seeks to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to not only solve complex business challenges but also enhance user experiences and skyrocket productivity.

Moderated by.....🥁

Monica Ly - Co-Founder of EdgeRed

EdgeRed x Konnecta x CBA

Monica oversees a team of over 40 data specialists on transformative data-driven projects. Monica excels in bringing her expertise in advanced analytics and AI to design innovative analytical solutions for Australia's leading companies.

Don't miss out on this fantastic event, get your ticket today!


Recap of the session

The collective insights by the expert panel provided a multifaceted exploration of Generative AI's impact on society and industries, addressing critical questions surrounding its integration, ethical considerations, and future developments. The discussion offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by this rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Thank you once again Konnecta and CBA for hosting such a wonderful night!


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