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Join the EdgeRed Analytics Team – Graduate 2024 Opportunities Now Open!

Career at EdgeRed - Graduates 2024

Are you ready to dive into the world of data analytics? EdgeRed is thrilled to announce that we are now seeking the next generation of data enthusiasts to join our graduate program!

Vibrant Culture & Continuous Learning

At EdgeRed, we pride ourselves on a dynamic and vibrant culture that welcomes fresh ideas, encourages creativity, and fosters a collaborative environment. As a part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to learn from the best in the business and gain hands-on experience across a diverse range of client projects, from financial institutions to leading logistics companies.

With access to a variety of data projects across client projects and internal product development, our graduates are not just prepared for the present - they're equipped to shape the future of analytics. Every day presents a new challenge and a chance to grow. 

Your first year with us will be supported by a mentorship program that ensures you have the guidance and support you need to make your mark. At EdgeRed, we believe in nurturing talent and providing the platform for you to accelerate your career.


Team Member Spotlight

Shirlyn Mishra - Data Analytics Consultant

Meet Shirlyn, a shining example of growth and achievement within our team who started as a graduate four years ago with a postgraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics from UNSW. With little coding experience when she started, Shirlyn is now an all-rounder consultant with skills across SQL, Power BI, Snowflake, dbt, and more. She’s recently led a data anomaly detection project for a major logistics and recycling company. Despite her self-proclaimed introverted nature, Shirlyn's quiet confidence and penchant for wearing black add a distinctive flair to our team.

EdgeRed x Shirlyn x Snowflake
Shirlyn at Snowflake Data Conference 2023
"EdgeRed provided me with an environment that fosters continuous growth and encourages intellectual exploration. Thanks to our team that's comprised of individuals with unique skills and a motivation to take up new challenges. What I know for certain is that the more you know, the more you know you don't know!" - Shirlyn

Duke Kang - Graduate

Duke, a standout graduate from our 2023 cohort, has hit the ground running with his exemplary work ethic and fresh perspective on analytics. Holding a Master of Data Science from the University of Sydney, Duke leverages his acquired skills directly onto client projects, showcasing practical application and expertise. His portfolio spans a diverse range of projects, from data wrangling and manipulation to generating impactful insights and conducting economic analyses. While EdgeRed champions a hybrid work environment, Duke embraces office life, dedicating himself to the workspace five days a week, where he finds his peak productivity.

EdgeRed x Duke x UNSW
Duke's USYD graduation last year
“Joining EdgeRed as a recent graduate has been an amazing opportunity. This dynamic and innovative team not only fosters personal growth but also encourages fresh perspectives on work. What I value the most is the collaborative spirit here, so everyone's ideas are appreciated and we continually learn from one another throughout each project. I believe that EdgeRed is the ideal place for anyone with a strong passion for data.” - Duke

David Barranquero - Data Analyst

Meet David, our trailblazing graduate from the inaugural Data Analytics degree at the University of Wollongong. David has played a pivotal role in steering our team's internship program in collaboration with UOW and Macquarie University, offering valuable mentorship to our budding talents. Since joining, David has infused his creative spirit into a spectrum of projects, spanning from crafting insightful Tableau dashboards to delving into Churn modelling and process automation. Commuting from Wollongong once a week, our hybrid work environment empowers David to seamlessly blend flexibility and productivity, even allowing him to unwind with a beach stroll after a day of impactful work.

EdgeRed x David Barranquero
David enjoying the outdoors
“Working at EdgeRed has been a fantastic experience, allowing me to apply the data science skills I acquired at Uni in a real world business context.” - David

Apply Now!

Are you ready to start your career in data analytics with a company that values your growth and contributions? Applications for our graduate program are now open! Don't miss this opportunity to become part of a team that is dedicated to making a difference with data.

Visit Careers at EdgeRed to apply or learn more about our program. Your journey with EdgeRed starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualifications and skills are you looking for in candidates applying to the EdgeRed graduate program?

At EdgeRed, we seek candidates who are passionate about data analytics and possess strong academic backgrounds in fields such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or related disciplines. While prior coding experience is beneficial, we value individuals with a willingness to learn and adapt. Key skills we look for include proficiency in SQL, data visualisation tools (e.g., Power BI, Tableau), cloud data platforms (e.g., Snowflake, AWS), and data manipulation techniques. Above all, we prioritise candidates who demonstrate a proactive attitude, analytical thinking, and a collaborative mindset.

What can I expect from the mentorship program during the first year of the EdgeRed graduate program?

How does EdgeRed promote a collaborative environment for its team members, particularly within the graduate program?


This blog is written by our team member, Erica.

About EdgeRed

​EdgeRed is an Australian boutique consultancy specialising in data and analytics. We draw value and insights through data science and artificial intelligence to help companies make faster and smarter decisions.

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