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A Contemporary Approach to Data Governance: dbt, Great Expectations, and Kada

EdgeRed x dbt x Kada x Great Expectations

In the ever-evolving realm of modern data management, accuracy, governance, and lineage tracking have become indispensable. Organisations are now seeking innovative solutions to unleash the full potential of their data assets, with technologies like dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA leading the charge. This trio seamlessly integrates to redefine data governance, ensure quality, and illuminate lineage in today's dynamic data environment.

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Data Governance

Data governance has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity in our fast-paced world. Robust frameworks are essential for organisations to monitor, manage, and govern critical data effectively. The collaborative efforts of dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA offer a comprehensive solution, empowering businesses to govern their important data with unparalleled precision. This approach not only meets stringent governance requirements but also creates a structured and transparent system for overseeing data assets.

Proactive Assurance in Every Byte: Data Quality

Ensuring data quality is an ongoing journey. The dynamic duo of dbt and Great Expectations provides proactive data quality assurance.

dbt streamlines the data transformation process, orchestrating SQL-based transformations for consistent high-quality data. Its modular, version-controlled nature eases complex workflows, ensuring reliable insights. dbt Tests, SQL-based assertions, validate data against expected conditions, offering a proactive checkpoint for data quality.

Great Expectations complements dbt, setting rules and criteria to measure data quality. It establishes expectations, ensuring data conforms to predefined standards. Users can choose between dbt Tests and Great Expectations, ensuring data remains accurate and reliable over time. This collaborative strategy reflects a proactive and sustainable approach to data quality.

Illuminating the Path of Data's Journey: Data Lineage

Understanding the roots and transformations of data is crucial for making informed decisions. With KADA, we take data lineage to the next level, providing a comprehensive view that traces the journey from reports to dataset tables, down to database tables and columns. This visual narrative unveils unparalleled insights, offering a complete picture of the data story.

KADA goes beyond mere visualisation by integrating dbt Tests and Great Expectations outputs. This integration gives us valuable insights into the reliability and accuracy of each stage, fostering transparency throughout the data lifecycle. Leveraging metadata, KADA's automated documentation captures changes, providing continuous insights into data evolution. This feature not only streamlines communication but also minimises manual efforts, ensuring our data documentation stays up-to-date and dynamic.

In our partnership with KADA on various client projects, we've consistently experienced its ability to provide a unified view of end-to-end lineage, eliminating the need for manual documentation efforts. The automated documentation feature ensures regular updates, preventing staleness and contributing to a seamless and efficient data documentation process.

The Power of Integration: Client Success Story

At EdgeRed, we had the privilege of supporting a client in harnessing the collective power of dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA. The outcome was transformative — a data environment that not only met stringent governance requirements but also elevated data quality assurance and provided a detailed map of data lineage. This success story demonstrates the tangible benefits of integrating these tools, resulting in a structured, reliable, and transparent data management system.

Our collaborative approach involved working closely with the client's business stakeholders to conduct a thorough analysis of their existing data quality (more detail in our other blog). We delved into understanding critical data elements, identifying key metrics, and evaluating the intricacies of their data landscape. Based on this understanding, we formulated a comprehensive framework for defining tests that align with the client's specific business objectives.

Subsequently, we worked with the client’s internal teams to support the integration of dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA. This engagement allowed us to not only deploy these tools but also to empower the client with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain and evolve their data management system independently.

A New Era of Data Excellence

As we navigate the complexities of the modern data environment, the synergy of dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA emerges as a game-changer. Together, they redefine data governance, ensure data quality, and illuminate the intricate path of data lineage. The era of data excellence is here, and organisations embracing this trio are at the forefront of driving impactful, informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA integrate to redefine data governance and data quality assurance?

The integration of dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA creates a robust ecosystem for data governance and quality assurance. dbt orchestrates SQL-based transformations, ensuring consistent and high-quality data. Great Expectations complements dbt by setting rules and criteria to measure data quality, ensuring conformity to predefined standards. KADA enhances this integration by providing comprehensive data lineage, tracing the journey from reports to dataset tables, down to database tables and columns. This collaboration offers a structured and transparent approach to overseeing data assets, meeting stringent governance requirements while ensuring accurate and reliable data.

What benefits does KADA provide in visualising data lineage and automating documentation?

How can organisations leverage the integration of dbt, Great Expectations, and KADA for transformative data management?

For personalised guidance on leveraging these tools for your organisation's data management needs, reach out to our team at EdgeRed. Together, we can redefine your data management strategy and unlock the full potential of your data assets.


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