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Celebrating FIVE Remarkable Years of EdgeRed

EdgeRed Team Culture Away Day x Berrima

As we mark our fifth anniversary milestone at EdgeRed, it's truly remarkable to reminisce on the journey of growth and success we've shared as a team. From our modest beginnings to our current standing, it's evident that we've forged something extraordinary together. In celebration of this significant milestone and our accomplishments in the realm of data analytics consultancy, we made a deliberate choice to temporarily set aside our data dashboards and immerse ourselves in a day of camaraderie and rejuvenation in the picturesque setting of Berrima, for our annual EdgeRed away day.

EdgeRed Team Culture Away Day x Berrima
EdgeRed: Lyon Zhang

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Highlands, Berrima served as the perfect backdrop for our celebration. The charm of this quaint village, with its colonial architecture and artisanal shops, provided a much-needed contrast to our bustling workdays. Our day began with a leisurely bus trip, soaking in the town’s serene atmosphere and bonding over stories both old and new.

Lunch was a feast for the senses at a local gourmet restaurant, where we indulged in the region’s finest produce. Laughter and conversations about memorable projects and exciting future plans filled the air. It was heartwarming to see new faces and seasoned consultants alike sharing insights and forging deeper connections.

The highlight of the day was our team-building activity at Berrima, where we competed in team competitions and a scavenger hunt that had us all in stitches. It wasn’t just about the fun; it served as a reminder of the incredible team spirit that has been instrumental in our success in data consultancy in Sydney. The creativity and quick wit on display mirrored the problem-solving skills we bring to our client projects, reinforcing the synergy and cohesion that define our approach to tackling challenges and delivering exceptional results.

EdgeRed Team Culture Away Day x Berrima
EdgeRed's Scavenger Hunt

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we raised our glasses in a toast to the years gone by and to the many more to come. Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and it’s the dedication, talent, and passion of our team that has brought us this far. Here’s to growing, learning, and innovating together.

EdgeRed Team Culture Away Day x Berrima
Year in Review Presentation by Krishna Pydimarri and Wil Grebner

The trip to Berrima was more than a celebration; it was a reinforcement of our team culture, values and a reinvigoration of our team spirit. As we look to the future, we remain committed to delivering exceptional data analytics solutions to our clients, nurturing our team’s growth, and embracing the adventures that await.

EdgeRed Team Culture Away Day x Berrima
EdgeRed Team Photo

Happy Anniversary, EdgeRed! Here’s to the next chapter!

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