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Matthew Philip

Senior Data Developer / Consultant

B Science / B Commerce (Physics & Finance)


Our Lead Data Scientist

About Matthew

Matt is a senior consultant with a diverse skill set encompassing data analysis, visualization, process automation, and data science. His background in Science and Commerce enables him to seamlessly integrate analytical expertise with astute business insights.

Matt's specialisation lies in the realm of advanced analytics and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, such as clustering, regression analysis, XGBoost modeling, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These skills have seen him craft many solutions for clients that have driven business growth and competitiveness. Most recently, Matt delivered a customer segmentation project for a major financial institution to identify customers likely to be early adopters of a certain product. 

Matt is an avid sports enthusiast with a love for Cricket and Rugby League. Beyond his sporting interests, he enjoys taking his dog for walks and reading fantasy novels.

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