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Krishna Pydimarri

Senior Data Developer / Consultant

Master of IT Management


Our Lead Data Engineer

About Krishna

Krishna is our data engineer lead with vast experience in functional programming, distributed systems and development of automated data pipelines. With years of experience as a software engineer, Krishna brings with him vast experience in application development, technical analytic solutions and machine learning techniques.

Krishna has delivered projects across the data spectrum, from raw data enrichment and ETL processes to deploying complex machine learning models (including NLP algorithms and forecasting models). He has provided solution designs and delivered a number of automated data pipeline solutions within the technology confines of what is available to the client. This includes solutions for small start up / scale ups as well as medium to large enterprises.

During his spare time, Krishna can be found going on hikes, engaging in intense badminton matches, or mastering the art of latte-making, crafting a cup of coffee that can rival any barista's creation.

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