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Take your Espresso, with a side of EdgePreso

One of my proudest achievements at EdgeRed is building out our EdgePreso solution. It’s a framework that automates the generation of Google Slides with a click of a button! (Less than the time it takes to make an espresso ☕️)

Imagine the countless hours saved by data analysts every month updating slides for their monthly company updates... for one of our clients, we don’t have to imagine. EdgePreso has proven its time savings of hundreds of hours over the last 12 months!

What is EdgePreso?

Think of EdgePreso as a super-smart tool that brings together data, spreadsheets and slides in one click. Perfected for the Google Environment, EdgePreso leverages automated scripts, functions and LLM techniques to extract & transform data, visualise, and draw meaningful commentary. Leaving you with a picture-perfect slide. 

EdgeRed x EdgePreso
EdgePreso - Google Slides Automation

My favourite features

Over the years, our team has been working hard to continuously improve and update the EdgePreso solution for our clients. There are some that comes to mind as my favourite to share.

Bulk generation feature

Don’t think of EdgePreso as simply a tool to save time, but also an enabler to scale. Not only has our clients been able to save time required to create the slides (sometimes up to 2 weeks to develop one), but it has enabled them to generate tonnes of slides at the click of a button. Our master template allows users to enter the details they need to different slide packs and generate multiple slides in bulk!

Aesthetically pleasing library of templates

Countless hours over the years have been spent building out a library of slide templates which can be used, these not only provide insights in an effective manner - but are also very pleasing to the eyes. Very aesthetic! ✨

Dynamic and automated executive summaries

In the theme of July AI - we have experimented with lots of LLMs and Gen AI techniques to generate automated summaries based on the insights extracted. Using a combination of techniques, we’ve developed a working process to generate easy-to-read, summarised insights.  

What’s next for EdgePreso? 

While the EdgePreso solution works seamlessly on the Google tech stack, we are still in the process of rolling out the Microsoft equivalent which will be before the end of this year. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Espresso, um, I mean EdgePreso….. 😉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EdgePreso and how does it work? 

EdgePreso is a revolutionary framework developed by EdgeRed that automates the generation of Google Slides with a single click. Leveraging advanced techniques (including AI and LLM), EdgePreso transforms raw data into visually appealing, ready-to-use slides, saving countless hours for data analysts.

How does EdgePreso save time and enhance productivity? 

How can I implement EdgePreso at my company?

Does this only work for Google Slides?


This blog post is written by Mon & Charlotte, with assistance from Erica

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