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Streamlining business spending with Volopay

EdgeRed x Volopay

As a fast-growing boutique consultancy, EdgeRed understands the challenges of managing employee expenses and coordinating company events. That's why we've strategically partnered with our friends at Volopay to streamline our financial processes and alleviate administrative burdens.

What is Volopay

Volopay presents a comprehensive financial management platform, offering us a suite of tools designed to handle all aspects of business spending seamlessly. Among these tools, Volopay's corporate cards have become indispensable to EdgeRed's operations.

Why do we love it?

At EdgeRed, we're selective about the partners we choose to promote. However, Volopay has exceeded our expectations with their seamless corporate card solutions.

Here are some key highlights:

  • Effortless Card Creation: With Volopay, generating new cards is as simple as a few clicks, ensuring swift deployment when needed.

  • Instant Accessibility: Our team can conveniently add Volopay cards to their phone wallets, granting immediate access to funds for essential transactions like client lunches, team meetings, and office supplies purchases.

  • Transparent Reporting: Volopay facilitates day-to-day transactions with clear reporting, allowing us to maintain visibility and control over our expenses.

  • Seamless Integration: Integration with Xero, our chosen accounting platform, streamlines our financial workflows and enhances efficiency.

As EdgeRed continues to innovate and expand, we are confident that Volopay will scale alongside us, supporting our mission to consistently exceed our clients' expectations. Read more about how EdgeRed is using Volopay with budget management and spend policies.

Book at Demo with Volopay

Join us in simplifying your financial processes. Book a demo with Volopay today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What challenges were faced in business spending before the integration of Volopay?

Before the integration of Volopay, business spending faced issues such as lack of spending visibility, inefficient financial workflows, and difficulty in tracking and managing expenses.

How did Volopay's platform address the business spending issues?

How does Volopay contribute to better financial decision-making?


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