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Meet E.R.I.C.A: EdgeRed's AI internal assistant

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Let us introduce you to the newest member of our team Erica. Unlike other newcomers, Erica is distinctly algorithmic, devoid of emotion, and entirely AI-driven.

Meet E.R.I.C.A, EdgeRed’s Internal Chatbot Assistant

We’ve seamlessly integrated Erica into our daily operations at EdgeRed, and are excited to share some of the interesting ways it’s been making our work smarter and more efficient. 

In fact, have you spotted any Easter eggs in our recent team updates? 

Read these again - they’re Erica's magic at work!

Firstly, who.. or what is ERICA?

ERICA is a cutting-edge application that leverages Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), vector embeddings and vector databases to deliver highly accurate and contextually relevant responses. This innovative chatbot is built on a robust framework where RAG enhances the system by retrieving information from a vast dataset that includes our google slides, google docs, confluence pages and other structured datasets such as our Google Big Query database and google sheets. The integration of RAG and external LLMs such as GPT-4 and Facebook’s LLaMA allows our chatbot to not only understand user queries but also to provide answers that are grounded in real data. ERICA also provides sources to where the data sits within our environment and becomes a company wide search engine.

Want to know more? Don’t worry - we’ll be releasing a more detailed White Paper about Erica later this month.

EdgeRed x ERICA x AI
Introducing E.R.I.C.A (EdgeRed's Internal Chatbot Assistant)

How have we used it at EdgeRed?

Our team at EdgeRed is made up almost entirely of data experts (with only 1 Operations Manager). This structure means that we are always on the look out for how non-client delivery functions can be done quicker and with less resources.

Here are some exciting ways we’ve been using Erica to support our various business functions:

Marketing: Without a dedicated marketing specialist, our team is time-strapped yet committed to producing engaging content. Erica supports the creation of written content, saving time by generating initial drafts for our team to edit and finalise.

New starter onboarding: Erica facilitates seamless onboarding by providing new team members instant access to company policies, FAQs, and training materials. We can easily ask, 'How can I request annual leave?'

Sales and BD: By leveraging existing documentation, Erica compiles summaries of case studies relevant to our proposals. This enables us to swiftly respond to leads with insights on our previous work. We can simply ask, 'What are some projects we have completed using Databricks?

Training & knowledge sharing: Erica consolidates our client deliverables and documentation scattered across Confluence, presentation slides, Word documents, and Excel / Google sheets. This integration enables our team to quickly access insights, for example, 'How have we implemented row-level security on other projects?'

Project resourcing: As a dynamic consultancy, we often have new project requirements. Erica is used to identify team members best suited for specific projects. For example, 'I have a 12-week project which requires skills in Power BI and dbt, who in the team would be best placed for this project?'

See an actual response below:

What’s next for Erica?

We have some collaborations in flight to implement the Erica framework on our client’s environment, integrating capabilities such as recruitment automations and reception agents - will be excited to share these over the next few months!

In the meantime, we are continuously developing and enhancing Erica. Our newest feature allows ERICA to provide you a link to the source, acting as an internal search engine as well.

Interested in exploring how Erica can support your business functions? Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to provide you a demo and discuss further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What technologies power Erica, EdgeRed's internal AI assistant?

Erica leverages advanced Generative AI and Language Model (LLM) techniques to deliver seamless interactions and support across various business functions at EdgeRed. Stay tuned for our upcoming White Paper for a deeper dive into Erica's technological architecture.

How does Erica prevent hallucinations

Can Erica integrate with existing systems and tools used by our organisation?


This blog is written by Mon & Matt, with assistance from Erica.

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