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Empowering the Future: Monica Ly Inspires Students at UOW's HSC Revision Day

EdgeRed x UOW x HSC Students x STEM

Today, Monica Ly, Co-Founder of EdgeRed Analytics and proud alum of UOW, had the honor of addressing over 500 enthusiastic Year 12 students at the University of Wollongong's 2019 HSC Revision Day. This special occasion not only allowed her to share personal experiences but also provided a humble platform to inspire the next generation of talent.

EdgeRed - UOW - Monica Ly - Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics

The event was an opportunity to connect with students and promote the upcoming Bachelor of Data Science & Analytics degree, set to launch at UOW in 2020. This innovative undergraduate program blends mathematics, statistics, and computer science, equipping students with the skills needed for exciting careers in data-driven industries.

Monica's background, coupled with her experiences at EdgeRed, serves as a testament to the endless possibilities awaiting graduates of the Data Science and Analytics degree. Her insights shed light on the transformative impact of data in today's dynamic landscape and highlighted the vast opportunities that await those entering the field. Monica also explained the ubiquitous nature of data analytics, using examples of streaming channels and social media to showcase its day-to-day applications.

Monica extends her heartfelt thanks to Associate Professor Maureen Edwards, Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics, for the warm invitation and coordination of the event.

"Thanks Monica Ly for a superb presentation highlighting her career progression, and the relevance of data analytics now and into the future", Aidan Sims, Senior Professor and Head of School, School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics

As we eagerly anticipate the launch of the Bachelor of Data Science & Analytics at UOW, the insightful session has undoubtedly set the stage for an inspiring journey into the world of data-driven innovation. We wish UOW success in guiding and nurturing the aspiring minds who will embark on this exciting academic venture.


About EdgeRed

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