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Celebrating our newly certified Scrum Masters at EdgeRed

Edgered certified scrum master

At EdgeRed, our commitment to Agile isn't just talk – it's how we operate. By applying a flexible Agile approach to our projects, we ensure that we deliver tangible value quickly and collaborate with our clients to provide incremental value in the areas that matter most. The Scrum framework, with its emphasis on collaboration, adaptability, and rapid delivery, is integral to our way of working.

Meet our new cohorts of Certified Scrum Masters!

We are excited to share that a new cohort of our team members has successfully completed their Certified Scrum Master (CSM) credentials with Scrum Alliance.

CSM: Ismail, Jeremy, Keven, Michelle, Nhung, Shirlyn
EdgeRed's new cohort of Certified Scrum Masters
“I found the Certified Scrum Master course with Sam to be an incredibly valuable and fun experience. I can see the framework we learned emphasising collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement. It ensures the Scrum team maximises the value added to the organisation with the highest effectiveness. I'm excited and look forward to applying this new knowledge to enhance our project management practices and deliver even better results for our clients.” - Michelle Hao (Consultant, EdgeRed)

A big shout out to Sam Bowtell from Grow Your Agility for another fantastic training session. His expertise and engaging teaching style have not only enriched our learning experience but have also solidified our knowledge and skills in Scrum practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of having Certified Scrum Masters on a project team?

Certified Scrum Masters bring expertise in the Scrum framework to project teams, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Their training equips them with tools and techniques to facilitate Agile best practices, manage stakeholder expectations, and ensure rapid delivery of high-value features. The presence of CSMs on a team can significantly improve project outcomes by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability to change.

How does Scrum Alliance certification benefit EdgeRed's clients?

Can EdgeRed's Certified Scrum Masters help with the implementation of Agile practices in organisations new to Agile?


Interested in joining a team that values Agile principles and ongoing training? Explore career opportunities with us at EdgeRed - we are currently on the lookout for an Experienced Data Engineer.

This blog is written by our team member, Erica (supervised by the Marketing Team).

About EdgeRed

​EdgeRed is an Australian boutique consultancy specialising in data and analytics. We draw value and insights through data science and artificial intelligence to help companies make faster and smarter decisions.

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