Automated Google Tools

Introduce bespoke and innovative solutions to automate your business processes!

Integrate your Google Suite

Is your business using the Google Suite? Connect these applications to develop automated reporting, generate automated emails and alerts and improve team collaboration.

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Popular use cases

Google Slides Automation

Connect your database to Google Suite to create sleek Google Slides presentations with just a few clicks!


This macro frees up time for us to actually analyse the insights. 

It saves weeks of effort required to pull and present information into a succinct, consistent and visually appealing manner. ​Additionally, the quality and accuracy has improved as its all automated (and not prone to human error).

Strategy Manager, Woolworths


Project Management Tool

Create custom Project Tracking templates for your business. Automatically consolidate all templates into a Master View to keep track of all your projects and remain up-to-date on any project changes or delays. 

Timesheet Tool

Develop a bespoke, easy-to-use time capturing tool for your team. Connect the data to automated dashboards and stay on top of your team resourcing and capacity.

Feedback Tool

Capture feedback or input from end-users via Google Sheets or Google Forms. Automatically sync and consolidate user responses into your BigQuery database. 

Get rid of manual processes and start freeing your team for more interesting work!