Insights Dashboards

We have implemented solutions in Tableau, PowerBI or completely custom built to suit our clients. 


Demo dashboards created using a variety of tools

Interactive resourcing dashboard to track hours worked and hours forecasted
Scorecard dashboard to compare retail outlets for our clients
capacity planning dashboard to identify if teams are over or under utilised
visualise your data in the most meaningful way to enable actionable outcomes

Put the power of data into the hands of your team

Work with our experienced team to develop visually stunning and easy-to-use dashboards for your business.

1. Source your data

We can work with what's already in your database or help you establish one! We can build API connections to business applications, such as Xero or Stripe, to enable access to up-to-date and relevant information. 

2. Transform and enrich 

Link all your separate data sources together to create a rich source information. Enhance and transform your data for more effective and accurate insights.

3. Build your dashboards

Develop effective dashboards using your preferred application, such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or develop bespoke solutions for your business. Access valuable insights on the go via desktop or tablets.